Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Oh how I love a comfy, casual outfit. Simple, easy, cute. You can still get away with capris this time of year, but add a scarf for a little extra warmth. I know it seems contradictory, pants you wear in summer, with a scarf you would wear in winter. Although in my defense, it is a light weight scarf, and again....ask me if I care ;) If I think it's cute, I wear it. Well, today I'm going to cut it short, I have a daughter with a birthday, yay!!!
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Pants-Lane Bryant[Similar]
T-shirt-Old Navy[Similar]
Jean Jacket-Lane Bryant[Similar]

Friday, October 17, 2014


This past week has been Fashion To Figure week here at Full Figured & Fashionable. I did these gorgeous dark wash jeans, here. Then I did these fabulous black jeans, here. And lastly I did these fantastic blue/green colored jeans, here. I absolutely love all of them! I really cannot tell you enough how great these jeans are. I said the first day if I haven't convinced you by the end of the week to give them a shot, if you are in the market for jeans, I would be shocked. Have a I convinced you??
Have I gushed enough about their jeans? Are you a new believer like me? 
Well, that wraps up Fashion To Figure week here at FFF. I hope you enjoyed it.
Which outfit was your favorite? Which jeans are your favorite?
Have a great weekend all!!


       *Dark Wash Jeans-Fashion To Figure                                *Black Jeans-Fashion To Figure                                *Blue/Green Jeans-Fashion To Figure
           White Blouse-Old Navy[Similar]                                       Polka Dot Shirt-Dressbarn                             Shirt-Dressbarn(on clearance rack)[Similar]
           Shawl Collar Jacket-Dressbarn                                                Scarf-Forever21                                          Jacket-Old Navy[Similar][Similar]
               Purse-Dressbarn-in store                                                         Flats-Deb                                                          Heels-Kohl's[Similar]
         Bootie-Jessica London[Similar]                                          Heels-Shoe Dazzle[Similar]                                                Ring-Old Navy
           Necklace-Forever21[Similar]                                  Faux Leather Jacket-Old Navy[Similar]
Tan Blazer-Old Navy[Similar]
Purse-Old Navy (I got this in the store for about $8)

*All Jeans gifted by Fashion To Figure 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Day 3 of Fashion To Figure Week! This is the last pair of denim that Fashion To Figure gifted me, you can find the other two pairs here & here. They are a dark blue/green denim skinny jean. I am absolutely in love with them. I can't say they are my favorite.... because I fell in love with each pair for different reasons! I am so excited about their jeans because a lot of skinny jeans don't leave much to the imagination. When I put these on and I couldn't see all my “dimples” ;) I was shocked! Like I said yesterday, they aren't so tight they show everything. These jeans have very good coverage. The fit, the material, the look; all outstanding. And the color, fantastic! What a great color for fall/winter....I admit it I'll probably wear these in the spring and summer too. I'm a woman who loves her jeans!

Shirt-Dressbarn(on clearance rack)[Similar]
Jacket-Old Navy[Similar][Similar]
Ring-Old Navy

*Gifted by Fashion To Figure