Friday, March 27, 2015


Day 5 of the series of reusing pieces.

Here it is! The last piece. Did you guess right? If you said the blue striped blouse give yourself a star, you were right. I also kept the same jewelry. 

I love this outfit. I know it's not all matchy and that the floral mixed with the stripe isn't everyone's cup of tea, ehem my daughter, but I love it. The blue and white in the shirt pulls the blue and white from the skirt and I love the pattern mixing here. I also would like to point out that, although the purse may look like a tribble, I assure you it is not! (if you don't know what a tribble is, it's an alien species from Star Trek that look like little fur balls). Contrary to my husband and son's belief it's just faux fur, and again...I love it! It kinda reminds me of when I would play dress up as a little girl, and you would get those sets with the plastic high heels, the boa and a fun, perhaps, furry purse. This is my grown up version of playing dress up. I never grew out of it...and hope I never do!

So what did you all think? Did you enjoy the series? Did you guess any of the items ahead of time correctly? Do you think this helped broaden your ideas for how to utilize pieces in differnt ways? 
I hope you at least enjoyed the series, I certainly had fun sharing it with all of you.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Shirt-Old Navy[Similar]
Skirt-Asos Curve[Similar

Monday, March 23, 2015


Day 4 of the series of reusing pieces.

Shoes and a purse?! Yea. That's what I did. I restyled shoes and a purse. However....they are  AWESOME shoes and purse! I am really digging this look. The cross body bag, with a collared blouse and some comfy oxfords! How do you go wrong with that? I rolled the bottom of a pair of blue jeans to give it a little bit different of a look from Friday, changed the blouse, coat and jewelry and voilĂ , a completely different outfit.
Bet you can't wait to see the last outfit! Can you guess what the last restyled item will be? 
We will seeeeee.

Have a great day!

Shirt-Old Navy[Similar]
Coat-Simply Be
Shoes-Mart Of China[Similar]

Friday, March 20, 2015


Day 3 of the series of reusing pieces.

Can you tell which two pieces I reused? Which piece I restyled from the first post and which piece I used from Monday's post?
Of course you can! 
I restyled the black jeans from the first post, here
And the green jacket from Monday's post, here
I just love games like "find the difference", even if it is easy. It's fun to try and figure out which pieces were carried over from one post to the next.

I love the tiny polka dots in this blouse and the matchy matchy purse and shoes. I also am enjoying the midi ring phenomenon, how bout you all?

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Jeans-Old Navy[Similar]
Shirt-Old Navy[Similar][Similar][Similar]
Shoes-Mart Of China[Similar]