Monday, July 28, 2014


What can I say, sorry I've been away. Not away, away per se, but busy busy. I did post Tuesday, but it wasn't of me and I completely forgot to post on my social media that I had posted that day. My wonderful brother came for a visit :) He doesn't live close by so I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could. I was good, I got all my work done ahead of time. I thought ahead, was prepared, and then forgot to post to my social media Tuesday and then Friday my hubby spent the entire day very ill. Life will getcha sometimes. But I'm back! YAY! So here is today's ootd.

A super cute floral Simply Vera Vera Wang tank top under a Jennifer Lopez tape yarn crop sweater. Do you know what that means? I sure don't. Am I suppose to? I just put the outfits together, if tape yarn looks cute then I like it. Over a pair of leggings, flip flops a cute necklace and we have ourselves a simple, adorable outfit. I wore this to go shopping for flower baskets for my front porch.....they have all since, died. I think my thumbs are black. If green thumbs makes you a good gardener, then I must have black thumbs cause I kill everything I touch. Except spinach apparently. I have so much spinach I don't know what to do with it all. Ok, I exaggerate, most of my garden is thriving, I'm very pleased with it. I just can't seem to keep flowers alive, so I'll wear them on my shirt.

Alright, enough of this garden the pictures!

Floral tank top-Kohl's [Similar]in floral cosmos A
Crop sweater-Kohl's
Leggings-Forever 21+[Similar][Similar][Similar][Similar
Flip Flops-Kohl's
Purse-Walmart (no longer available in purple)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I received an email the other day from one of my readers who asked if I would do a fashion challenge. Her challenge to me was to come up with outfit ideas that were to be “somewhere between teacher and administration” attire. Working from home and not having a lot of knowledge in the area, I came up with some outfit ideas but, admittedly am no expert in the area! I figured the outfits should be conservative yet could be appealing at the same time. Fun patterns, unique characteristics, some bright colors. Skirts and dresses should be at knee or below, correct? And not too tight. Full length pants and/or ankle pants but no capris or shorts. Well, armed with this little bit of knowledge I thought I had, I went at it. Opening a bunch of plus size stores in a whole lot of tabs on my computer, searching through bunches of tops, pants, dresses, skirts, I picked a few things and put them together in collages that, unfortunately are not the greatest quality, but that is what today’s post is about. Business/Casual Attire.

I tried to pick things that weren't outrageously expensive, however, sometimes to get a great quality item it’s worth it. I did put some more expensive pieces with cheaper pieces in some places to save.Some of the items are also on really good sale right now. Also, don't forget to use your coupons or codes when shopping. 

I also incuded some items that I already own because I know how they fit and love them! The other items, I can't predict how they will look on, but hopefully these are just some options that can get you started.

So let's get started.

You definitely need some dresses. Simply Be has some fantastic options, I would buy them all if I could! I picked a selection of options, some fun, some more conservative. Either way I love them all. Because you can take even a conservative dress and give it pow by adding something fun to it like I did here with this necklace. I also love how they all are midi length so that even when you sit they won't ride up so far it’s uncomfortable.

Dress-Simply Be
Necklace-Forever 21

I’m not sure how tight this particular dress would be on, but I am absolutely in love with it. In the winter maybe throwing a white cardi over it, maybe belt it. With this coat…DEVINE!!Oh my gosh it is to die for! I may have to buy this one myself!
Dress-Simply Be
Coat-Simply Be 

Dress-Simply be

I also love ankle pants. I love the sleek look pairing black with black with cream with a delicate gold necklace and heels. I listed two necklaces to layer because sometimes it’s cheaper that way and I'm always looking to find a way to save a buck.
I wouldn't want too high a heel to stand in all day, but thought this was enough of a heel to give you length and I love the little bit of sparkle they have.

Shirt(I actually own this shirt)-Walmart
Blazer(& this blazer)-Torrid
Ankle Pant-Talbots
Necklace 1-Forever 21
Necklace 2- Forever 21
Take the same black pants from above and pair it with a grey shirt, a white blazer and a colorful belt and/or statement necklace.

Blazer( I own this blazer too)-Dressbarn-I also like the look of the one from Torrid so I'm linking that one as well;
Ankle Pant-Talbots

Next we have

 I love a great pencil skirt and love anything with a fun look. So for me I would probably put together something like this… a bright pink shirt with a navy skirt that has a fun pattern to it.
 Skirt-Simply Be
Blouse-Old Navy 

 This is very sleek. The black lace skirt with a unique cut shirt and a tan blazer. Wowee!
Is there such a thing as sexy conservative, cause I think this would be it.

Skirt-Simply Be

I admit the picture for this one is not great. But hopefully you can visualize it in your head. Also, you can get a better look at the pieces going to the website for each item. This skirt is a snake skin print. With the cream crochet top I think is very elegant. Of course you would wear a tank under this shirt. Cream would be chic, black might be very striking!


 I love this. I have a thing for polka dots. If it has polka dots, I am in love with it. Paired with this adorable skirt, perfect.

Shirt-Mod Cloth

I also love the black and white, it's so chic. Add a fun textured and cut jacket gives it character.


So this isn't a pencil skirt but it had to be added.I am a bit of a color lover. I know it scares some people but I figured I would include it here ..I am in LOVE with this outfit :) Not sure how appropriate it would be for business/casual though. Just had to throw it in here.

 Shirt-Old Navy

I love how versatile most of these pieces are. You can mix and match. You can never have too may blazers. And it's not your typical "boring" suit.
I hope that I at least provided some ideas or concepts that could be utilized. What do you guys think? Was I totally off?

Friday, July 18, 2014


Lazy day!
I wanted to at least get an outfit up for you guys, but I am just fresh out of words. Or maybe it's just the beautiful weather outside calling my name making it so I can't hear anything else in my brain but...come outside, enjoy the sunshine, you won't regret it. Oh, I'm the only one that hears those voices? Alright, well, I'm caving....sunshine here I come. But not before I share this outfit with you all.

Denim dress. Adorable sandals. Brown and gold belt for a beautiful pop. And may I add how much my husband loves the way this dress fits ;) 
I got this dress yearrrrs ago at Dressbarn, so of course, unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore. But it would appear to me that the denim dress is making a come back or better yet, is always in fashion! Either way, I love em.  The belt, I apologize I also got a long time ago and actually don't even remember where I got it. I'm linking one I hope you like. The purse is relatively new, another great Walmart me some great deals at Walmart! Looks like that sold out as well, bummer you guys today is not a good linking day. 
Well, I hope you liked the outfit and all have a wonderful weekend!!

Dress-Dressbarn [Similar][Similar][Similar]
Purse-Walmart-No longer available.[Similar][Similar]