Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This post goes out, particularly, to one of my Tumblr followers that has asked me about thigh high wear.  

These are the boots I promised to feature this week. They are fashion fantastic! I have had these boots for a couple of years and love this time of year just so I can wear them.  My husband likes what he calls "the pirate" look, when they are folded. I have included photos of them up, rolled down, and half and half so you can see the difference side by side. I incorporated these with leggings, a sweater with a tank under it and a wrap worn as a scarf. I love the fullness a wrap creates when worn as a scarf. And if you hadn't noticed yet, you will, I LOVE scarves!

And another thing, I ALWAYS buy my leggings at Torrid. They are the only place I have found that fit my proportions properly. I have a bigger butt than stomach.Some people carry their weight in their stomachs. While others are more evenly proportioned, and have well rounded bellies and bottoms. Everyone is different. So for me, most other companies, the front of the leggings go up to the bottom of my boobs. If you are proportioned like I am, I suggest Torrid for your leggings needs. For jeans, I have found I generally like American eagle or Gap. However, I have to admit I have never tried Torrid's jeans. Maybe I will give them a whirl and let you all know what I think.



 Rolled Down


          Rolled down from behind                                                           Up from behind         


 Boots&Leggings-Torrid; Sweater-Victoria Secret; Tank top-Deb; Wrap-Kohl's; Bracelets-Gift from my daughter